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Each day a scream builds in my throat,
My throat clenched, my jaw stretched…
But nothing comes out.
I again sit dejected and silent.
The wave of silence engulfs me…
Surviving, but am on the verge of falling into the void.
I yearn to scream, to shout,
But fail.
Is this life?
A posture of a scream but without a noise.
A music of death which builds but is bereft of notes.
A dance of breath… But with fleeting steps.
An endless labyrinth of agony…
Where the happiest moments are touched by the silence of sadness,
Where happiness dies the minute it is born.
Where moments flee away… Leaving behind endless sobs and muffled cries.
Tears die a vacuous death, leaving behind empty eyes.
It is with these empty eyes that I look around… A world so bleak and unknown,
That I return towards the gut clenching silence,
Which is now my true home.

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