A laden breeze

Featured from: Pexels

What triggers memories? Well there are a lot of things some defined and some not so defined. Sometimes colours remind us of people, sometimes a certain kind of smell reminds us of a place and many such triggers that lead us down the memory lane.
The time was around mid september. When it is neither too hot nor cold. The air becomes pleasant… With the naughtiness of the wind, which tickles the neem boughs and plays with careless strands of hair…

And as I stood on the terrace… Around mid-night, a gentle breeze went past me. It was sweet, laden with the smell of night-blooming jasmine and rose. I could feel the smell filling my lungs as I  breathed, I could almost taste it. It was like reliving a lost memory. It was the smell of my childhood. This is what my childhood felt like…

I still remember sitting on the small window sill in my  grandma’s home, amidst the usual power cut, waiting for an occasional breeze to pass us by like a pleasant acquaintance. It would visit but the visit used to be rather short. And yet the smell remained intact the Jasmines and roses dissolving in my mouth. The wind used to be chilly bearing the effects of the nearby river leaving me a little sleepy and little happy…

It was a smell that would make you sad and happy at the same time… It would ask you to stay a little longer but you know that the vacation time is over… You have to work,get back in the crowd. You just can’t stay…
But I can still smell my childhood in lonely nights and damp mornings… It still visits me and tickles me…

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